About US

Unitary Enterprise “Datamining” assists in business development. We provide multifaceted consulting and informational support for SMEs by helping them obtain the correct information to avoid data deluge.

Why cooperate with “Datamining”?

We specialize in addressing various business tasks to foster our clients’ activities in Belarus and other countries. Our clients trust us because we deeply and meaningfully engage with them by developing and implementing effective solutions that comply with all international ethical norms and values. We also personalise experience for all our customers: we study their needs meticulously in order to meet and surpass their expectations. We provide the capacity to clearly evaluate our contribution and, if needed, to take corrective measures to cope with any issues which might ensue.

Our advanced technologies and the vast experience of our team provide solutions to our clients’ business tasks in the most cost-effective and risk-free manner.

We are always happy to provide feedback by relating our experience and services and by offering optimal solutions to your marketing, corporate and other needs.

Our mission

To raise the standards of consulting services and to increase the contribution and effectiveness of consulting activities.

Our slogan

First-class consulting to achieve clients’ aims

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