Cyprus is the lowest-tax EU onshore jurisdiction. The standard
corporate tax rate of 10% is the lowest in the European Union.

Your accounting and compliance under control.

At Five Bravo, we aim to help you comply with local accounting requirements in any jurisdiction you already operate in or plan to start. Variety of accounting related services are available, conducted by our experienced team.

Legislation and regulations may differ considerably from country to country, besides a lot of changes constantly occur. Five Bravo experts regularly monitor legislation and regulations and will help you to go along with the changes to ensure constant compliance.

As a basic service package, Five Bravo team will:

– compile and submit annual financial statements
– prepare statutory and management reports

At Five Bravo, we also provide:

– accounts receivable services
We control your operational risks and help you comply with local regulations on invoicing and receivables
– account payable services
We control your costs and help you comply with local regulations on the payment of invoices to vendors and suppliers

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